Specialty Cars of Bucks County, Pa.

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Do not trust these people, they list everything the car comes with but they don't say if it works or not.I recently purchased a truck from them that listed all the options included, one of them was AIR CONDITION, it does have AC but it does not work, I called them and was told, they never said the AC worked and refused to look at.

Also he said no rust, but there is plenty of rust that he failed to cover up.Make sure you try everything before you give him a dime, cause they do not stand behind there sale

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hi I have bought an f250 from specialty cars of bucks county first off I bought this truck after seeing there add it said runs excellent, has new tires, new inspection, so going of off there 25 years in business experience..I took there word and I put $500 down over the phone.the next day I drove 3 hours to pick it up well it was -15 out that day 2-6-2014 it was the day or so after the big ice storm we had so I never looked the truck over the best they had it warmed up when I arrived it looked as good as the pictures on the website when started it sound good....

well half way home I see no inspection sticker so I thought no big deal my friend owns his own garage and for a few bucks he would just do it instead of me driving back to specialty cars and it costing more money and time, then 2 hours in to my drive back the truck starts shaking and bucking around..so I get to my friends garage and the ball joint, front brakes and rotors are bad and needed replaced for inspection,number 1-4-6 coil packs need replaced and to top it off the new tires they said it had.

well the 2 on passenger side were down to the wear bar, and the driver side looked almost new but was some kind of retread tire and the retread was wearing off you could grab the top side of the tire and pill the tread back more then 4inchs.so I call Brian at specialty car tell him about it he said he would send $500 to me to help out the cost so I agreed well it took 4 weeks to get a $250 check and a note that said return old tires to get the other $250 well that wasn't the agreement so I called him and he wanted the old tires back so he could reuse them so I said well sorry I didn't keep them they were unsafe the garage my friend sent me to (it was NTB on east marker st York,pa) long story short it took 4 more weeks to get the 2nd $250 he agreed to...now on top of that they NEVER sent my registration in right away so the paper they put in the back window was for 3-months and ran out and I ended up having to go to a registration service and pay $28 for a duplicate sticker when I never even received the first one.......SO ON THAT BEING SAID STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE....im DAVE 2005 f250 by the way........any questions leave a comment ill check back time to time to...

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Owner was RUDE, DISRESPECTFUL, and CONFRONTATIONAL with my wife when she called 4 MONTHS after purchase to inquire about my title... I had to sink $900.00 into the truck for repairs just a month and a half after purchase, and I would ONLY recommend these guys to a car THIEF out looking for a joyride!

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I bought a ford exhibition from these guys. The truck was in great shape they were honest and helpful. I would buy again from them Nick ny


To bad, there was a car I liked. :-(


Its always the guy who doesnt put his name on the reply . That is full of it. We always stand behind.our vehicles.thats why we are on business for over 25 years. Never believe someone who doesnt put there name with there statement


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